Is LED eye light protecting eye or eye?

- Mar 22, 2018-

o, what kind of lamp is the eye lamp?

At present, we think there is no real eye light, because eye protection should be taken into consideration not only without flicker.

For the sun really eye vision, health and safety protection laboratory director China Standardization Institute. Cai Jianqi visual studio director Cai Jianqi believes that due to the sun also is not good, the sun is very complex, such as ultraviolet light blue lead to cataracts, the earliest found problems in 1912 (or 1920), as eclipses in Europe as the emergence of a large number of blindness.

The north after snow, the weather is fine, the sun to the snow, and then reflected to the eye, can not stand may cause snowblindness, in addition to our Tibet people's cataract patients with Trinidad and tobago. That's why you want to wear sunglasses outdoors.

So the sun also needs to be applied differently.