Requirements for the sealing glue for the LED bulb lamp

- Mar 22, 2018-

1, LED lamp head structure adhesion:

The sealing adhesive metal and PC/PMMA or PC and PC/PMMA, using room temperature curing one component dealcohol silicone sealant, with good adhesion of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metals; superior electrical properties, good heat resistance, using temperature range -60 to 200 DEG C. During the curing process, alcohols were released, which did not corrode the materials such as polycarbonate (PC), optical acrylic (PMMA), copper and so on, which was in line with EU ROHS directive.

2, the adhesion of LED lens is fixed.

The high performance adhesive sealed silicone rubber is a single component, paste, translucent and dealcoholized RTV silicone rubber. Neutral curing, no corrosion to adhesive material, after curing to form rubber like elastomer, wide adhesive range, excellent mechanical properties, good impact resistance. It is excellent in heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance. It still maintains good mechanical properties under high temperature and high humidity. It is not white and low yellowing. It has excellent insulation, moisture resistance, seismic resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance and chemical resistance.

3, LED bulb lamp - heat conduction adhesive requirement:

Thermal conductivity: 0.8~1.2

Viscosity: ointment

High thermal conductivity, good insulation, easy to operate

Anti-seismic, prevention of mechanical damage, no corrosion to the base material;

It can be repaired and disassembled.

It can be used for severe temperature cycle applications.

Good following performance, save the traditional mechanical fixation;

4, LED bulb lamp - sealing glue requirements:

1 high heat conduction (0.5~0.8);

2 good foaming property (viscosity 3500CPS)

3 fast curing (mass production, 80 30min)

4 flame retardant UL94V0