Two new LED standards in Foshan

- Mar 21, 2018-

Foshan quality and Technology Supervision Bureau announced that Foshan Nanhai semiconductor Union standard "LED corn lamp" and "LED bulb lamp" were recently examined by the expert group. The introduction of these two standards will help standardize the LED lighting market and improve the level of industrial standardization.

The two standards have been listed in the "Guangdong provincial LED lighting industry standard system planning and roadmap", "Guangdong provincial LED lighting industry pre setting standard revision proposal table", which is widely applied to office and home LED lighting. They specify terms and definitions, classification, requirements, test method, inspection rules and signs, packaging, certificate, transportation and storage, 9 dimensions, from the appearance of the product life, energy efficiency, photoelectric properties, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental adaptability, safety and biological safety make clear requirements, the technical indicators of scientific and reasonable high efficiency and energy saving characteristics, reflected.

In recent years, the LED lighting industry has developed rapidly and has become one of the strategic emerging industries that have been the key breakthrough in our province. In order to guide and standardize the development of the industry, the South China Sea District Quality Supervision Bureau led the formation of a semiconductor standard alliance in the South China Sea District last year. At present, the alliance has developed a total of 3 consortium standards, including the published "LED shooting lamp".