LG Is Exploded Or Is Developing A Micro LED Screen For Smart Phones.

- Mar 26, 2018-

The day before, LG registered three trademarks in the European Union for its Micro LED display, and submit the necessary documents. The three trademarks are XL, S, LED and X LED, respectively.

If LG is approved and used in the products, it is uncertain how the acceptance of these brands will be, because LED is hard to relate to "Micro LED". People will be confused when they read their names.

According to these documents, these trademarks are used mainly for "mobile phones, smart phones". So far, we have seen Samsung show Micro LED TV, and Apple's wearable devices are rumored to be using the Micro LED screen. But, this is the first time we've heard a panel maker intended to make Micro LED for smartphones.

This is not the whole of the brand, and perhaps these trademarks can also be used in the future for laptops, tablets, wearable devices, even smart, VR glasses. So don't think LG just produces Micro LED displays for smartphones. But to be sure, LG has considered this at least.

The upcoming G7 phone will use the "MLCD +" panel, because now, LG has given up its plan to use the P-OLED panel in the smartphone field.