Create A World Record! A New Type Of High Efficiency OLED Is Developed By Tai Qing

- Mar 23, 2018-

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) for iPhone by X and attention, but the OLED panel is more expensive, the National Tsinghua University research team developed a new generation of ultra high energy efficiency and green OLED element, element performance is currently the world record, is expected to promote the panel and the lighting industry in Taiwan upgrade, outstanding research achievements topped the March 6th International Photovoltaic Industry the first journal "nature" (Nature Photonics) photo.

The Taiwan chemistry professor Zheng Jianhong participate in the development of new OLED team

Foreign companies over the past 10 years has made a large number of OLED patented technology, coupled with the iPhone X and Samsung and other major mobile phone uses a lot of current OLED panel, LCD panel industry in Taiwan area is facing a turning point of industrial transformation and technological upgrading, but the Taiwan area in the OLED panel development is lagging behind in Japan and South Korea, mainland China in recent years the expansion of OLED industry. To bring a serious threat to the panel industry in Taiwan area.

Department of chemistry, National Tsinghua University professor Zheng Jianhong and Professor Lin Haowu Liu Ruixiong and materials team, the successful breakthrough in the research of new "double" element boron luminescent materials, as a high performance for the current world record for a new generation of green OLED components, and can greatly reduce the cost of key luminescent materials, promote the panel and the lighting industry in Taiwan area upgrade.

Zheng Jianhong said, the commercially available OLED light emitting layer by the first generation of fluorescent material or second generation phosphorescence material, wherein the fluorescent light emitting element efficiency is about 5%, while the phosphorescence element is 20%, the OLED materials with iridium, platinum and other rare precious metals, resulting in panel prices more expensive, Taiwan big team in support of the Ministry of science and technology. To develop a new type of double extreme performance by using boron boron material OLED cheaper materials, the external quantum efficiency of fluorescence and phosphorescence to break through the traditional limit of OLED.

Zheng Jianhong analysis, with the team skilled in fabrication process and related technologies, making super efficient green OLED components, with external quantum efficiency up to 38%, far higher than the first generation, the second generation of 5% from 20 to 30%, and the synthetic process simple and easy, and can greatly reduce the mass production, the key luminescent materials the cost of this research, and the materials mainly can be used in various OLED components, even if the mass production is not a problem, which has been applied for patent, an estimated 2 years to complete the commercial material.