Ledlink 2017 Profit Increment, Look Into The Key Project Operating Lamp

- Mar 09, 2018-

Taiwan LED lighting, the two optical lens factory, announced the performance of 2017 years. The net profit of 2.79 yuan last year (NTD, the same below) is the best performance in the past four years, and the resolution of the board of directors allotted 1.8 yuan cash dividend.

Retork optics revenue last year reached 1 billion 234 million yuan, an annual decrease of 6.93%. Last year, the net profit after tax was 145 million yuan, an annual increase of 7.4%, a net profit of 2.79 yuan per share, which is better than that of the previous year's 2.73 yuan. Last year, the revenue of ray flute was slightly down, but the profit of the whole year was small.

Last year, Taiwan Chinese LED firms performance generally rebounded, mainly due to Chinese mainland market price movements slowed down, new capacity is no longer like a few years ago has opened the market regardless of price or quantity, good China performance of Taiwan LED factory.

Redyk has been affected by the competition from the mainland lighting manufacturers. In recent years, it has actively adjusted the policy and improved the product portfolio, and led to the outstanding performance of last year.

Ledlink through cost control, screening clients, since the second quarter of 2016 gross margin rose to more than 40%, started by quarter rise, the second quarter of last year, gross margin ascribed to 45.69%, but in the third quarter gross margin fell slightly to 43.78%, the fourth quarter of last year was 41.75%, but due to structural adjustment of product line strategy work. Last year, the cumulative average gross profit rate is still 43.73%, with the annual gross margin level, since 2012 is the best performance.

At present, ledlink outdoor lighting applications accounted for about 45%, about 35% commercial lighting, other (including vehicle) accounted for about 20%, by the end of last year, car products accounted for about 7% of car products covered car lamp, lamp, lamp and the fog lights, headlights and other automotive products through the LED lens. Light factory shipments to car factory cooperation, is expected to increase the proportion of revenues, expected future lamp is expected to become the company's major operating projects.