LED Lights Are All Used In India Airport

- Mar 08, 2018-

According to India media reports, the day before, the India Airport Authority (Airports Authority of India, AAI) and the India energy efficiency Services Limited (EESL) signed a memorandum of understanding, the installation of energy-saving LED lamp in the AAI management of airports, buildings and facilities, to replace the traditional lamp. It is reported that AAI manages 98 domestic, 23 international and 8 customs airports in India.

The memorandum calls for the use of the agreed energy-saving LED lamps instead of traditional lamps. According to the mode of India Energy Service Companies (ESCO), we will finish the preliminary investment and recover it on the basis of the annuity benchmark, which will last 5 years. The entire project is estimated to cost 2 billion 441 million rupees (about 238 million RMB), and EESL will be replaced for five years.

All procurement, installation and maintenance of the lighting equipment will be borne by EESL, and AAI does not bear any cost burden. The project will be completed within four months from the date of signing the final energy efficiency agreement (EPA). On Monday, AAI said in a statement: "AAI has completed the first stage of LED lighting replacement, which costs 1 billion 600 million rupees (about 156 million yuan), and it will save 1 billion 400 million rupees (about 137 million yuan). This will bring huge energy and cost savings to the AAI airport.

Guruprasad Mohapatra, President of the AAI, said: "about 20% of the total electricity consumption at the airport is used for lighting load. The replacement of existing lighting with LED lamps and lanterns with EESL will bring great benefits to AAI, not only to save electricity, but also to reduce energy costs. This memorandum of understanding will ensure the low cost of the LED lamp. "

Previously, EESL was responsible for several lighting projects in India's Railway Bureau, the subway company and the central public engineering department.