The trend of the interconnection of lights

- Feb 13, 2018-

The trend of "light networking"

During the exhibition, the organizers invited the leaders of the industry to talk about the trend of the market and the trend of the products. According to the expert opinion, the function of the lamp has changed from lighting to the "light network" combined with the Internet of things. It has become an indispensable part of the smart home. "Lights are everywhere," said DavidBarnby, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Rui Gao Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd. "is the best carrier for data transmission and collection. The combination of lighting products and the Internet of things will become a trend, and the industry needs to speed up cooperation with different industries to capture new business opportunities. " Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association Secretary General pointed out that the future generation of light, lighting products must be networked, he said: "the industry must be applied cross-border technology including cloud platform, artificial intelligence, sensor, intelligent module, voice recognition, software applications, to achieve interoperability of intelligent lamp."

Li Kui, general manager of Taiwan jingling Technology Co., Ltd., said that the first day of its outdoor and technology lighting exhibition, the company has received orders from Canada, India and Thailand buyers, ordering street lamps and industrial and mining lamps with a total value of 660 thousand yuan. "Hongkong TDC reception exchange and trade matching meeting will help the company expand a network of contacts." Singapore LeedarsonLightingHoldingsPte.Ltd. vice marketing director Chen Xiaoyan said, Autumn Lantern buyers crowds, the company met with the United States, from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and South America and other places more buyers, received on-site orders.