American university with emergency button outdoor lighting to improve student safety

- Feb 22, 2018-

The University of Illinois is now trying to use the outdoor lighting that integrates emergency buttons to improve the safety of students. The intelligent street lighting contains the so-called "emergency button", which is directly connected to the security of the school. Once the buttons are pressed, the on-site emergency responder will be able to know the location of the alarm on the map through the APP.

The University of Illinois in the United States tries to use the emergency button outdoor lighting to improve the safety of students in school

In addition, the light itself and some nearby lights range from 10% to 100%, which can quickly and conveniently identify the scene of the accident.

At the same time, we hope that the flash of LED lights can remind the assailants that "security personnel have known and are rushing to their destinations" to interrupt the ongoing crime or antisocial behavior. The streetlights, which integrate the emergency button, are only part of the University's safeguards for their teachers and students.

In addition to the emergency lights, the university has developed a Smartphone Application for those who feel that they are not safe at night.

By using the intelligent street lamp's network infrastructure and statistical pedestrian's integrated video sensor, the SafeWalks application program can determine the safest walking route on campus.

The video sensor is provided by the New York startup Placemeter, which uses computer vision algorithms to generate real-time data for pedestrian traffic. Then, SafeWalks matches the data generated by the Placemeter sensor with the Google map to provide road options for pedestrians.

University leaders hope that the combination of emergency lights and APP will help to curb crime, reduce the nighttime insecurity of college campuses, and improve the security atmosphere.