The Zebra Line Is Added To The LED Light Line To Help Reduce Traffic Accidents

- Feb 26, 2018-

According to reports, a British studio designed a safer design for pedestrians to cross the road: there is a LED light line on both sides of the zebra crossing. The light line can sense pedestrians crossing the street and turn red, which reminds the motor vehicle to stop waiting.

The light line is usually flickering and orange. When pedestrians have to step on the zebra line, they turn red, waiting for pedestrians to leave the zebra line and return to their normal state.

British "Daily Mail" quoted the latest British traffic casualties statistics, the UK on average about 20 traffic accidents involving pedestrians crossing the road each day. Traffic safety experts believe that adding LED lines on the zebra line helps reduce accidents, especially at night or fog with poor sight.

Alex Bohn, who participated in the design, said that the LED light line also helps to protect the people who are distracted by the mobile phone when they cross the road.