The First Lighting Panel Of LiFi LED Has Came Out

- Jan 31, 2018-

With the rapid development of action network and intelligent products, the related services of the network are also promoted. Consumers demand more and more network capacity and speed, and optical communication technology also arises at the historic moment. At present, fiber is the most common optical communication technology, using LED or laser diode (LD) as a transmitter.

The new generation of optical communication is wireless optical communication (LiFi) technology, and LED, infrared or near ultraviolet as the transmission medium. Combined with the dual use of lighting technology and communication, it is expected to become an indispensable technology for smart home. 相较于WiFi技术,LiFi的传输速度更快,且可避免电磁波干扰,而近日LiFi技术又有突破,美国公司VLNComm开发出首款LiFi LED照明面板,并在今年的美国消费性电子展出展。

The lighting panel called "LumiNex" can provide 108Mbps download speed, and can also be equipped with "LumiStick" with 253Mbps upload rate. The network area is covered by 516 square feet, which is equipped with the general industrial standard of white light LED. It can support 15 users to access the Internet. Professor CEO Noshad of VLNComm said that this is a progressive and revolutionary development. As technology becomes more mature, Li-Fi can provide higher safety and available spectrum, and it will replace or supplement with WiFi in the future.

LiFi is the optical communication technology, light cannot penetrate walls, the coverage of single lamp is restricted, but LiFi is not due to electromagnetic interference or interception of theft, security is higher than WiFi, the future LiFi technology available in supermarkets, hospitals and even have a sense of deep sea diving development potential measurement.