Samsung Launched A New Release Conference In March. Is Micro LED TV Coming?

- Feb 06, 2018-

It is said that Samsung Electronics will launch a new television product conference in New York. Samsung didn't release the new TV products at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Samsung intends to change its product strategy in 2018. The news of the conference sparked the industry's attention.

According to Korean media ET News, Samsung Electronics will launch the QLED TV global conference in New York in March 2018. In addition to introducing the characteristics of the new products, Han Zongxi, the Minister of the new video and display business, will also reveal the career vision and strategy.

2018 Samsung flagship stressed black (black) QLED TV, the backlight module structure is changed into direct type (direct type) design, the LED light source can be evenly distributed, and strengthen regional dimming (local dimming) software technology, in view of the different picture blocks light more detailed control. The panel is used to prevent leakage of quantum dots (Quantum Dots) black filter.

Earlier, Samsung in the activities of Samsung First Look2018, compared with the new QLED TV and OLED TV video effects in 2018, highlighted the confident performance of QLED TV's black expression ability.

It is understood that the main product size of Samsung is more than 60 inches, which is more than 70 inches above the size of the OLED TV. The New York conference will also display a variety of different sizes of Micro LED TV and 8K QLED TV.

The Samsung in January CES released new TV activity products, but after the release of product to the listing before 3~4 months free, easy to become the object of imitation of the competitors, so Samsung CES2018 published only in the latest Micro LED 146 inch The TV mold progenitor wall, and the use of artificial intelligence (A) quality control the 85 inch 8K TV QLED.

The first time Samsung held a global conference for TV products is in Paris 7 years ago, wondering whether the future of Samsung is like smart phone. It also fixed a yearly press conference for TV.

Samsung Electronics said that after the new products released by CES, the concept of product's being plagiarized by the same industry is common. This New York launch conference will reveal the new product strategy trend besides introducing new products.