Invest 200 Million! Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. Develops UV LED Products With Nikkiso

- Apr 09, 2018-

The Formosa Plastics Group's Formosa Plastics seizes bactericidal business opportunities, and the board of directors jointly invests in developing UV-LED application products with Nikkiso Japan. The two companies will establish a joint venture company and Formosa Plastics will invest 3.6 billion yen (equivalent to approximately 2.1 Billion RMB), Nikkiso will take shares with technology, and the two sides will hold half of the shares.

The joint venture company will be established in the first half of this year, with an initial capital of 3 billion yen (equivalent to approximately 180 million RMB) and will be trained in Taiwan and Japan in the future. It will sell the UV-LED germicidal products jointly created by Taiwan and Japan, and Formosa Plastics said This year, the target set 10 sterilizing products on shelves.

Formosa Plastics stated that Nikkiso is not only a medical equipment manufacturer, but also a chemical equipment manufacturer. Both parties are long-term partners. This cooperation is proposed by the other party. The management expertise and resources of Formosa Plastics Group are sufficient.

Japan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has mastered the patented epitaxial grain technology of UV-LED upstream and has a factory in Japan with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million. At this stage, the two sides will use the current strategy to digest 1.5 million epitaxial grains. Therefore, a consensus is reached that it will be downstream. Application product development, designed for a variety of products for water sterilization, air sterilization two major items.

If one product uses an average of 1 to 3 epitaxial crystals, it is equivalent to producing and selling 500,000 application products a year to digest the existing production capacity of Japanese factories.

Formosa Plastics stated that it will produce air cleaners, household refrigerators and crispers, in-car air conditioners, hospital clinics, and intensive care units for sterilizers and water purifiers in the future. Grade sterilization products are marketed by Japan, and Formosa Plastics specializes in the home market.

At present, the upstream technology is under the responsibility of the Japanese side. Formosa Group's relationship company, Fujin Group, is responsible for packaging and testing. As for downstream product manufacturing, it will subcontract outsourcing.

Formosa Plastics believes that there are mature assembly foundries in Taiwan, cost control is no less than Formosa Plastics Group, and terminal products manufacturing is more suitable for professional foundries.