E-commerce Giant EBay German Site Prohibits The Publication And Sale Of LED Car Lights

- Feb 11, 2018-

On the 9 day, eBay China issued a "bulletin on the prohibition of the publication and sale of LED car lights on the German site".

According to the announcement, the German Federal Transit Administration (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt - Federal Motor Transport Authority, referred to as KBA) recently said that at present in the market W5W, C5W and P21W LED car lights are not in conformity with the relevant requirements of Germany and the European Union, car lights and required eBay ban non-compliance.

Since February 7, 2017, the car lamp category will be banned from the German station:

Auto & Motorrad: Teile > Auto-Ersatz- & -Reparaturteile > Lichter & Leuchten > Lampen LED

• articles that have been published in the above category will not be put off the shelves, but German buyers will not be able to find and see related items by searching all sites on eBay.