Czech Office Improves Efficiency Without Coffee By Adjustable LED Lighting

- Feb 02, 2018-

Office lighting always affects the working atmosphere and efficiency of the staff, so it is very important to choose suitable lighting. At the end of 2017, PHILPS (Philips Lighting) installed LED lighting system for the headquarters of innogy of energy company in Czech, adjusted the lighting based on the principle of circadian rhythms, and promoted the spirit of employees at a specific time.

The increase of staff in energy efficiency, comfortable and natural light can promote the overall work, such as the rest and change the concept of light dark called for lighting (human-centric lighting), PHILPS believes that due to the effect of lighting is provided with a cup of coffee to bring the effect of god.

There are 2000 LED lights installed in the office of innogy headquarters in Czech, of which about 1000 adjustable LED lamps can adjust the intensity and color of light at different times.

Czech innogy Tom, senior manager of facilities and services? Michna explained that in the beginning of the day, the office will be in natural light to improve the staff's spirit, and the natural light intensity will gradually become weak, until after lunch the lights started strong again to enhance their energy. According to its internal investigation, 80% of the employees think the adjustable lighting system is better than the previous fluorescent light.

PHILPS Czech manager Jir Tourek said, the adjustable LED system has a good effect in hospitals and schools, so they want to set the system into the office, through the light to increase the efficiency of the staff. Jir Tourek also mentioned that in a comfortable light environment for an hour is like a cup of coffee, can boost the spirit. And before and before lunch, adjust to the relatively weak light, can make people slowly relax.

In the LED adjustable system, there are 150 sensors installed. These sensors will detect whether there are people in every area of the office. If a region is unmanned, it will turn off the lights automatically to save electricity. The office of innogy headquarters in Czech has also saved about 50% of the electricity.