The origin of LED bulbs

- Oct 20, 2017-

Nick Holoniako is a General Electric company in the United States. In 1962, he developed the world's first red-emitting diode (led-light-emitting diodes). He believes that getting red light will also make it possible to get other colours. In 1963, he wrote in the American Reader's Digest that the future lighting and display field will be the world of light-emitting diode!

The second year after Holoniako invented the light-emitting diode, he left General Electric to become a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. He wants to develop more students through education and to improve and popularize the application of light-emitting diodes. Many of the physics PhDs he taught at the university became entrepreneurs, chief executives or researchers. And the invention has been improved to realize the marketization of the light-emitting diode successfully.

In the 1963, Holoniako invented the world's first red-glowing semiconductor laser. The laser diode has now become a key component of CD, DVD, player, laser printer and copier. From the 70 's, Holoniako began to extend the light-emitting diode luminescence spectrum to invisible light--infrared. Emitting infrared diodes will not only change the long-distance communication system, but will also change the face of the computer. Today, nearly 80 of the old Holoniako is still pursuing, with the intention of light-emitting diode method, a large number of optical switches integrated on the chip, and then realize computer dream.

Holoniako's contribution lies in the new enlightenment to the future generations, which has opened up a new way of researching new light source and new device. People have been made into yellow, green, blue, white and other different colors of light-emitting diodes. Today's giant display of light-emitting diodes fans around the world, the number displayed even during the day is very clear. The traffic lights and all the lights in the car are almost all light-emitting diodes.