Technology and development trend of high power LED packaging

- Feb 01, 2018-

The main purpose is to realize the encapsulation of LED electrical interconnection and mechanical contact LED chip and the external circuit, protection against mechanical and thermal wet, LED and other external shocks, optical implementation of the requirements, improve the light efficiency, meet chip cooling requirements, improve its performance and reliability.

LED packaging design mainly involves optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical aspects. These factors are independent of each other and interact with each other. Light is the purpose of LED packaging, heat is the key, electricity and machinery are means, and performance is a concrete manifestation.

The high efficiency, high power is one of the main direction of the development of LED, research and research institutions are committed to the high performance LED chip: surface roughening, inverted Pyramid structure, transparent substrate technology, optimization of electrode geometry and distribution Prague reflection layer, substrate stripping technology, laser micro structures and photonic crystal technology etc..

High power LED package due to the structure and complex process, and directly affects the performance and lifetime of LED, has been a hot research topic in recent years, especially the lighting level high-power LED thermal packaging is a hot research hotspot, many universities and research institutes and companies are also on the LED packaging technology is studied and results: a large area of flip chip structure and eutectic welding technology, technology, metal and ceramic substrates, phosphor conformal coating (conformalcoating) technology, the light scattering to the extraction process (ScatteredPhotonExtractionmethod, SPE), UV and solar radiation resistance and moisture resistance of the encapsulation resin research, optical optimization design etc..

With the rapid increase of high power LED chip performance, power LED packaging technology has developed to adapt to the development of the situation, assembled from the lead frame package began to multi chip array, and then to the 3D array package now, the input power increases, and the package thermal resistance decreased significantly. In order to promote the development of LED in the field of general lighting, thermal management and further improve the LED package will be the key to one of the other organic integration of chip design and manufacturing and packaging technology is also very beneficial to product price promotion; with the surface mount technology (SMT) of the large scale industrial applications, using transparent packaging materials and the power type MOSFET packaging platform will be a direction of LED development package, function integration (such as driver) will further promote the development of LED packaging technology. The technology applied to other disciplines may also find a stage in the future package of LED lighting, such as the new FluidicSelf-Assembly FSA technology.