LED optical conversion technology - the next wave failure innovation of LED Technology

- Feb 11, 2018-

LED is seen everywhere in life and is gradually applied to large and high quality TV, cars, streets, workplaces and homes. In recent years, the price of LED has been decreasing, and the global LED lighting market has been flourishing. However, we are facing the second wave revolution in the LED lighting industry. LED optical technology in the next generation can provide more comfortable, safe, high quality and networking LED lighting, and the price is more personal. Light Polymers, a nanochemical innovation company in San Francisco, is subverting the LED lighting industry with its unique innovative water phase liquid crystal patent technology.

Light Polymers (photopolymerization Co., Ltd.) specializes in the synthesis of aqueous liquid crystal materials for use in various uses. Now, the technology company in LED light conversion (down-conversion) use this unique chemical materials, the development of a new series of Crystallin products, including building lighting downlight, beauty lights, LED lights, red light therapy for plants, fish and animal growth lamp, professional photography lamp and advanced individual lamps. Among them, the lamp - embedded products were introduced in August through sales partners and online access rates in Asia, and were listed in the United States in November.